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We imagine the future by looking ahead and around us. It's about making you happy while rethinking our use of fabrics, our way of creating, and our transport and logistics practices while supporting projects close to our hearts. This is in order to reduce our impact throughout the life cycle of our products.

It is an approach that we are building step by step and that we wanted to share with you from the start, season after season.
You will find in Product, Planet and People all our concrete progress in 2023.

At Maje, we consider that a product is part of our Dream Tomorrow commitment when it undergoes a more responsible transformation process or when at least 50% of the composition of the main fabric comes from a more accountable sector providing social and/or environmental guarantees.

Discover all our actions here.
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At Maje, we envision the future by embracing a forward-thinking approach that encompasses our commitment to sustainability and eco-responsibility. Our journey towards a more sustainable fashion industry involves reimagining every aspect of our operations to better serve you and the planet.

Eco-responsibility, for us, signifies a comprehensive commitment to natural, organic, biodegradable, recycled, and upcycled materials. We prioritize less polluting manufacturing conditions and strive to limit or eliminate toxic products. Our goal is to reduce our carbon impact, support local production, practice zero-waste design principles, and create garments that are made to last.

We categorize a garment as eco-responsible when at least 50% of its composition can be certified as such. Currently, our efforts are concentrated on six commonly used materials in ready-to-wear: denim, viscose, polyester, cotton, wool, and leather. Each of these materials undergoes eco-responsible certification that addresses specific environmental concerns associated with its production.

In collaboration with Fairly Made, a French green tech start-up, we have initiated a traceability project. This endeavor allows us to provide information on the origin and manufacturing process of our products for a select range of references. By 2025, we aim to extend this transparency to cover 100% of our collections. This progress not only empowers you with insights into the environmental impacts of our products but also serves as a vital tool for analyzing and enhancing our global sourcing practices.

At Maje, we are dedicated to a future where fashion and eco-responsibility coexist harmoniously. We are constantly evolving our practices to promote a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and responsible fashion industry for a better tomorrow. Discover our various sutainable items of women's wardrobe : dresses, women's sweaters, women's coats, boots for women.