This is the story of a versatile brand, one that understands women and changes with them. It reinvents the idea of the easy going Parisian woman, a woman who is comfortable with her decisions, choosing to be elegant one day, vivacious the next, and then witty, then mysterious, but always captivating…. A woman who is fundamentally free. Above all, Maje is the story of a united family: Judith Milgrom's family. The essence of this house is what inspired Judith Milgrom to create a brand that is evidently cross- generational, where woman and their daughters share the pleasure of dressing.

Now, she's bringing the Parisian woman that she imagined out into the world. Because ultimately, isn’t the Parisian woman the most cosmopolitan of them all? From New York to Singapore, and Beijing to London, Maje conveys a whimsical grace that transcends time.

This feat turns on round trip tickets between past, present and future. Indeed, the future is now, the future is you.

“Maje was created to reflect the many sides of every woman today.”
“Maje was created to reflect the many sides of every woman today.”

"Twenty years ago, I created Maje for women like me. Women who constantly change. Who like to be elegant but who won’t let others stop them from being who they are."

"I owe my success to three powerful women. My grandmother, my mother and my sister. They taught me everything I know and I’m lucky to have them."

“Without my grandmother, I wouldn’t have this gentle side. As a young girl, I used scraps of her fabrics to make dresses for my dolls.”